UTR Club – Find A Club Hub Near You!

All Speeds and Experience Levels Welcome

To be a UTR Club Member, it doesn’t matter if you are a fast or slow runner.  There is no judgement here.  It is the same pain and joy we all get to share no matter what pace we run.  What qualifies runners to be members in the UTR Club is a commitment to improving oneself and others in the group.

Why is it worth becoming a UTR Club Member?

-Training groups and quality, guided workouts

-Opportunities to give back to the running community

-Running friends all over the state

-Exclusive online access to training tools

-Race discounts and local discounts

-And much much more!

What is Utah Running Club?
Unless you’re still in high school or college, the opportunity to be a part of a running team is hard to find.  For us, some of our favorite running experiences have more to do with the teammates or the people we experienced them with than with the actual running we did.  Our time spent on teams has shown that being a part of a group can help bring out the best in an individual as each member strives to help contribute to the goals of the whole team.  There is something about being a part of something bigger than ourselves that gives us a sense of purpose, direction, belonging. And, let’s face it- running with others makes it a heck of a lot more fun to pound that pavement (or trail)!

For these reasons, we’ve launched Utah Running Club.  We want to create a post-high school or post-college team experience for all runners across the state of Utah with a fun, social, low pressure feel.  We have launched several Club Hubs throughout the state.  Each Club Hub is led by a Club Captain who will help facilitate workouts while fostering teamwork and pride in Utah Running Club.  Membership to the Utah Running Club allows you to gain access to these training groups all over Utah and training support from Club Captains. Each group will meet twice a week, once for an organized speed workout and then on the weekend for a long run. This club is for runners of ALL levels and abilities. If you’re looking to get started into running we can’t think of a better group to get involved with.  If you’ve been running for years and need a spark to your training, again, we can’t think of a better group to get involved with.  Get access to exclusive discounts to races and stores, online training tools, running clinics, and access to instant running friends.  So, no matter where you live or travel in the state, you will be able to meet up with Utah Running Club members all unified with a common purpose: focused training, camaraderie, and a love for running.  Does it sound awesome?  Yep, it is.  Come join us!

Utah Running Club Mission Statement:
The Utah Running Club will inspire and motivate runners through camaraderie and maintained focus on personal improvement. It will provide runners in Utah with a positive, team atmosphere and support system in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Utah Running Club