Club Captains

Coach Janae


I’ve been coaching runners of all levels of running for 11+ years and I absolutely love helping others chase down their running goals. It truly brings me pure joy. Life is busy though and I’ve realized that my coaching impact has limitations -- if I want to do a really thorough job of helping the athletes I’m coaching then I only have time to coach a few athletes directly. Then the Utah Running Club idea emerged and I realized that with the help of Utah Running Club Captains I can help coach hundreds of runners across the state of Utah! This got me excited! We have hand picked amazing Club Captains and I've mapped out weeks of workouts. After receiving detailed instruction from me, each week the Club Captains will facilitate these workouts with their running groups. You get quality workouts and support as you navigate the running world and I get increased satisfaction as I get to see more fellow runners “Dream Big. Train Together. Finish Strong!”

Amy Cook


I've been running since the 7th grade. I started running because my older siblings ran cross country and track, and I needed a sport to do so I could pass the time until basketball season started. However, something awakened in me and I fell in love with running by the time I entered high school. I pursued and earned a college scholarship to Weber State University. I had a great experience there with coaches and teammates and met my future husband, Riley, who is an incredible person and runner. Together, we have 4 beautiful girls. Now, we both are enjoying the highs and lows of running together. My favorite racing distance is the half marathon but I'm slowly discovering that I enjoy the challenge of marathon training. I'm hoping to continue to run healthy and meet my goals in the future.

Tyler Fredsall


I grew up in Connecticut where I started running after I joined my high school's Cross Country team as a freshmen. I learned to love running not only for the physical fitness and strength I found, but also the mental strength, thrill of competition and the insights on life that it gave me. I ran Cross Country and Track at Southern Connecticut State University and have enjoyed running full and half marathons as well as many other recreational races. I moved to Utah in 2014 and since then have added skiing, hiking, cycling and triathlons to my list of activities. I also volunteer as a running guide for visually impaired and otherwise physically disabled runners for a program called Achilles International. My goal is to eventually work up to an Iron Man triathlon! Through the Utah Running Club, I hope to meet many other people who share my passion for running and build lasting friendships!

Amy Matson

I am a sophomore in the Exercise and Wellness program at BYU. I love being outside enjoying nature, attending fitness classes and spending time with my family! Running is what started my passion for fitness. It has been a base for my physical fitness and to clear my mind!


I am a mother of three who spends any moment I can sneak away indulging my passion for running. I discovered running about 9 years ago, at first for stress relief, then to get fit, and much later on to push my own boundaries. My first race was the Strider's half marathon in 2013. I stuck with the half distance for some time, racing as well as pacing for a local pacing company, but by late 2014 I needed something different to challenge myself with, and I registered for the Ogden Marathon 2015. Training for this race was my first experience with a structured training plan including speed, tempo, and long runs. I loved marathon training as much as I loved running the race. Ogden got me a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon 2016, which became my second marathon. I have since added a couple more marathons to my journey, and will be Boston bound again in 2019. This great sport continues to feed my need for growth, camaraderie, and adventure.

Mike Schouten


I started running on a high school cross country team and hated it, but kept running. Throughout my life I have run many half marathons and in 2005 I decided to run the SLC marathon. When I finished I checked that off the list and said, I did it. I am done with that and never had a desire to run that far again. Then in about 2012 a co-worker kept asking me to run the Ogden marathon with her and I just said that’s checked off the list, I'm good, thank you. Thankfully she never gave up on me. At this same time I noticed I had put on lot more weight than I liked. So, I decided I would sign up for my second marathon to lose the weight. Since then I have been an avid lover of running and trail running. Now I run 6 days a week and feel this has made my body much stronger.

Stephanie Chambers


Once upon a time I ran really fast 800s (2:06.something) at Weber State University ('02 graduate). Then I graduated, had four children (all girls!) and dabbled in running 5ks, half marathons and one marathon. I'm done dabbling. I'm ready to say goodbye to my thirties with some big goal times in the 5k, half marathon and marathon.
Join me in the Westside Utah Running Club Hub as we get faster, while we DREAM TOGETHER. TRAIN TOGETHER. FINISH STRONG.

Toby Johnson


Catey Ball


I found running when I was 30 years old, not long after having my 7th baby. No, I didn't start running to lose baby weight, I started running because my cute husband challenged me to do a triathlon with him and I was too stubborn to consider walking the run leg of a tri! Within a few months of that first sprint tri, I realized that I actually kind of enjoyed the running piece of things! Before long I was listening to my crazy running friends who told me that I could do a half, and then a full marathon, and I fell in love with distance. I was blessed to run through my last three pregnancies, and am coming up on 9 years of calling myself a runner.
As a mom of ten kids it is important to me to not only set an example for my kids, but to be healthy, strong, and active in order to live my best life. I have had the opportunity over the past few years to train alongside some of my kids as they tackle 5ks, half marathons, and even a marathon with my 18year old this year, and love sharing those miles with them! I have been a youth running coach with The Launch Team for the past two years as well, and have really enjoyed working with those kids to help them accomplish their goals.
I'm excited to be a part of URC and looking forward to working toward my own goals (new marathon PR?!) alongside other club members!

Tama Pickford

I love to run. Particularly on trails. I moved here from the Chicago area in August 2014 and cannot resist the beauty of the trails here in Utah. I started running in 2007 and I think running with others is fun and motivating. Over the years I have found even the most accomplished runners sometimes feel that their motivation wanes at times, and that’s when having friends to run and train with can save your fitness and help you get your mojo back. I have run 13 road marathons (of which three were Boston), and numerous half-marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks, and started running trail races in 2017. The friends and connections I have made through the Utah Running Club have truly enhanced my running experience and motivated me to get out the door even on days when my motivation is waning. This group motivates and respects everyone is at their own level and working towards a personal goal, whether that’s fitness, weight loss, speed or even building self-confidence. You’ll get faster and have fun doing it. Great people, good times, and improved fitness.

Lindsay Larsen


Hi! My name is Lindsay. I am from San Diego and I have been a runner all my life. I competed on a club track team in middle school and on my high school cross country and track team. I have since been a lone runner and hope that being a club captain can change that so I can have a "team" to run with again! I have two young kids which sometimes makes it a struggle to train, but running is a part of me that I don't think I can ever give up. I consider myself more of a shorter distance runner, but I have run and enjoyed my first and only marathon in 2014. I plan to train for another one again in hopes of securing a spot to the Boston Marathon! I look forward to being a club captain and know that it will assist in helping me learn and grow, become a better runner, but most importantly, become a better leader! I look forward to seeing you out on the roads. Happy running!

Shanalee Sadler

I started running in 2007 with a bucket list marathon. I had never run before and didn't grow up athletic. In fact, I had been known as "the chubby one" in my family. I surprised them all by running St. George, and then I kept running! I just finished my 8th full marathon a couple weeks ago and in all these years have done dozens of half marathons, a couple of Ragnar Relays, and my first 50k trail run in March (not to mention thousands of miles in training runs!). I am not a fast runner, but I am consistent (5 out of 8 marathon times have been in the 5:20 range), and LOVE running! It is my therapy and social outlet, as well as keeps me healthy and strong. I am excited to help others in my area get out there and stay active!

Daniel Olsen

Hi, I'm Daniel. I learned to run two decades ago (before I could even ride a bike). In 2008, I graduated as a 4 time letterman in both cross country and track at Logan High School. In my senior year I was a captain of both teams. Since high school, I've served an LDS mission in Chile and graduated from Utah State University in Spring 2014 with a major in Management Information Systems and a Spanish minor. I have completed two marathons (Top of Utah and St. George) and enjoy sharing my love for running with others. In my spare time, I write for my Utah sports blog,

Bonnie Williams


It’s amazing how you can make such a lifestyle change all of a sudden, when you feel you are in need of a change. I used to run, not long distance, about 3-4 miles, about 20 years ago. As life happens, running/fitness became distant as my circumstances in life changed. One day I decided to download the Couch to 5K app and I was determined to start implementing running into my life again (I remember the high I always had when I used to run). I remember not being able to run for 60 seconds, but I was determined to get there. As time went by, my fitness level increased and I was able to run for the time-frame the couch to 5K app was telling me to run/walk. It was after that, I knew I had a new love for running, but this time, instead of running 3-4 miles, like I used to in my early 20’s, I was running longer and longer. In September 2016, I signed up for my first fitness goal, to do a Triathlon. As much as I love running and biking, swimming was something I needed to work on more. My goal is to complete another Triathlon and hopefully gain more love for the swimming sport. After the Triathlon, since swimming wasn’t my forte, I decided to sign up for my first half marathon in November 2016. Since then, I completed several more half marathons. I absolutely love the feeling of running and my ultimate goals are to qualify for Boston Marathon and to run an Ultra Marathon.

Jeff & Brenda Jensen


I started running about 30 years ago. Running was not my favorite sport, but I had friends who were doing triathlons and I wanted to join them. I swam in high school and had been road and mountain biking for about a year, so I added running to the mix. I started with 5ks as I was mostly doing sprint triathlons and increased to 10k for the Olympic distance. Over the years I have tried to do at least a few running, biking, duathlons or triathlons to motivate me to train. I have completed two marathons, but find the 10k to 1/2 marathon distance to be more to my liking. I prefer trail running to road. I am a physical therapist and have worked with a lot of athletes of all levels to improve performance or recover from injuries. I am looking forward to helping Moab runners stay motivated and work towards their goals with the Moab area hub of the Utah Running Club. PR for 1/2 marathon: 1:29, 10k: 38:40.