Our Story

Running has always been a big part of our lives.  It is what brought Ken and I together and it is what we enjoy doing together now.  We’ve learned so much from running.  We’ve learned how to work hard, be self-disciplined, overcome challenges, set goals, and work with others.  We’ve also had the unique opportunity over the years to participate on teams where it wasn’t just about accomplishing an individual running goal but it was about pushing ourselves to be our best so we could help a team accomplish a greater goal.  In high school, and especially at the collegiate level of running on a team, we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by an awesome support system of coaches, running friends (teammates), athletic trainers, a team doctor, a team nutritionist, and a strengths coach.  After college, as we continued to pursue running goals, we realized this same support system was hard to find.  At the end of Ken’s college career, he missed qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the steeple chase by 2 seconds.  He also suffered from a bulging disc in his back that was bad enough to cause loss of control of his left leg.  This brought his running to a stand still.  I can remember taking morning walks with him because that was all he could do.  Eventually, after slow slow progress, we were able to get Ken back into competitive running.  It took searching out and following through with a combination of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncture, swimming, and core strengthening before he got there, but he made it through with the support of friends and professionals.  While Ken was nursing his back back to health, I was trying to learn the ropes of road racing.  It was a whole new world of running and while I had hired a coach and had a few gals from college that I could still train with, I missed the team experience and support.  I chased a 2008 Olympic Trials goal in the Marathon, while working full time as a teacher and coach, but came up short of this lifetime goal.  In 2009, we launched UtahRunning.com to offer an online resource for Utah Runners.  We wanted to unify the online Utah running community and share our passion for running with others.  Since then, we have loved every minute of building the website, the race calendar, the expert panel, blog articles, and Run Utah Magazine.  While UtahRunning.com has been a powerful vehicle for building the Utah Running Community, we have felt like there is more we can do to provide runners in Utah with the “Team” experience and support system we feel has led to our personal success and enjoyment in running.  Fortunately, our own running and coaching experience over the years, building UtahRunning.com, and graduate school in exercise science has given us the opportunity to once again build relationships with a network of resources (coaches, local elite athletes, exercise physiologists, running biomechanics experts, physical therapists, athletic trainers, doctors, and nutritionists).  With these experiences and resources behind us we felt ready in the fall of 2016 to launch Utah Running Club.  This would be a unique running club with club hubs all over the state.  A way to unify the Utah Running community and provide a built in support system in the form of a Club Coach (that’s me, Janae), Club Captains to help facilitate workouts, instant running friends for motivation and accountability, and a Club Physical Therapist (Jeremy Stoker, DPT).  Plus, we wanted members to have access to resources from doctors, nutritionists, strengths coaches, etc. that we know and trust.  Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran runner,  it is our hope that Utah Running Club will provide you with the tools, resources, friends, and motivation to take your running to the next level.

Utah Running Club Mission Statement:

The Utah Running Club will inspire and motivate runners through camaraderie and maintained focus on personal improvement. It will provide runners in Utah with a positive, team atmosphere and support system in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.